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For Jason Burley, owner of Camden Lock Books, Books are his vocation. “I bought my first tiny shop in Camden Lock market with my Enterprise Allowance from a diplomat called Dodoo, who was being posted overseas. That was 1984 - if ever there was a year to start an independent bookshop then “1984” was it. The existing stock was upgraded, sought-after secondhand books were sourced and the shop renamed “Lot 49 Books” (in homage to Thomas Pynchon). At the zenith I’d expanded to 3 shops (1 on the South Bank, 2 in Camden Lock).

When we moved to Old Street Station in 2002 we were stocking exclusively new books and named after the place of our inception. We’re a general independent bookshop but also specialize in great photographic books, local history and books on contemporary music (& Jazz & World music CDs).

The 51 Club list
The 51 Club list comprises the best English language novels of the 20th Century taken from Time and Modern Library & it is an Excel document, so you can re-arrange it for your own needs. The 51 Club was founded by Patrick Gilbert who is at Gold level. There are many people now who keep up with the list. The legion is growing. Let me know your thoughts on it. You may download it here.

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