Buy and sell miniature books and rare books from a fully accredited dealer. What is my miniature book or rare book worth?

Book Appraisal

As a book appraiser I do indeed charge for my service and would be able to give you a valuation based on the typical average market value for the books in question (if you want to dispose of any books please see my book disposal information instead).

Please bear in mind that, in my capacity as a book appraiser, I would not normally offer to buy any books once I have valued them. My fair market value also would not be a figure that a buyer would normally pay for the books; any sale would probably be a fraction of the market value.

Also, an appraiser’s time is valuable, even though there are no legal requirements or certifications for becoming an appraiser. I have been a professional bookseller who has been in the business continuously since 1984 with personal experience and resources for identifying books correctly, and researching their actual, current value. Additionally,  I am the former London Chairman of the PBFA (one of the largest professional trade bodies organising Second Hand and Antiquarian Book Fairs in the world).

I can provide professional written valuations for Probate, Insurance, Post Loss Assessments, Divorce, Family Division or other purposes.

If you require each book to be inividually collated and a full written catalogue description provided, then my hourly rate is £80 (no VAT applicable).

If you only require a valuation for the collection of books as a whole (without each individual book being separately collated and without a full written catalogue description of each individual book), then my hourly rate is £90 (no VAT applicable).

In either case, I will inspect every book individually. But the second option is somewhat the quicker of the two processes and requires marginally less exacting research.

A written Probate valuation will be set at open market prices as at the time of death, and, unless any individual book will have a value of £500 or more, I can value the collection of books as a single entity. For books of £500 and over, I will always list and value them separately and individually in line with section 160 of the 1984 Inheritance Act.

Out of London appraisals will incur additional costs for travel &c.

Please let me know if you would be interested in proceeding by emailing